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Our Team


Experienced team members who care about your business.

We made it a top priority to hire great-minded business people and individuals with multiple years of direct experience in the pool & hot tub and hearth products industries. This approach has enabled us to stay focused on developing our core products to meet the needs of our clients and the industries we serve. 


The visionaries and pioneers that started it all.

Patrick Gagnon
Board of Directors
2020 Headshot_Holton, Corey
Corey Holton
Board of Directors
VP Product Development

Executive Team

From the beginning, the Executive Team at Evosus® has been made up of experienced and proven business leaders. They work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow and succeed at all levels of the organization. Their active participation in day-to-day operations at Evosus has helped make us a leading provider of world-class business management software.

2020 Headshot_McManus, Dan
Dan McManus
President & CEO
Board of Directors
2020 Headshot_Holton, Corey
Corey Holton
Executive VP Product Development
Board of Directors
2020 Headshot_Sickler, Scott
Scott Sickler
VP of Client Success
Susan Marra.2
Susan Marra
Director of Accounting & Finance
2020 Headshot_Hinsley, Leeonna
Leeonna Beale
Director of People & Culture
Curry, Nicole_240
Nicole Curry
Administrative Assistant

Product Development Team

Our Product Development Team is responsible for creating innovative and relevant products that surpass client expectations from start to finish. We've hired some of the best web developers in the business to not only create incredible new features for Evosus Legacy Software but look to the future and build our LOU cloud business software that continues to drive the success of our client businesses, helping them maintain a competitive edge in today's market.

2020 Headshot_Holton, Corey
Corey Holton
VP Product Development
Board of Directors
Emily Schmitt
QA Manager
Steve Hawkins
Senior Software Architect
Board of Directors
Ryan Mills
Lead Software Developer
2020 Headshot_Jacobs, John
John Jacobs
QA Engineer
2020 Headshot_Amposta, Adrian-1
Adrian Amposta
QA Specialist
Troy Barnard
Software Developer
2020 Headshot_Helwig, Grant
Grant Helwig
QA Specialist
Tyler Fisher
Test Automation Developer
2020 Headshot_Mario
Mario Indyushkin
Software Developer
Santiago Porter
Santiago Porter
QA Specialist
2021 Headshot_Ross, Daniel
Daniel Ross
Software Developer
Patrick Wulfe
Mobile App Developer
2021 Headshot_Emmerson, Tristan
Tristan Emmerson
Jr. Software Developer

Product Management Team

Kim Oates
Product Manager
Jennifer Goldfinch
Financial Services & Partnership Manager
Monica Jarnport
EFS Specialist
2020 Headshot_Hayes, Heidi
Heidi Hayes
EFS Specialist

Education Team

2020 Headshot_Ronie, Elizabeth-1
Elizabeth Ronie
Client Education Manager
2020 Headshot_Stine, Shannon-2
Shannon Stine
Technical Writer
2021 Headshot_Comer, Nate
Nathan Comer
E-Learning Multimedia Specialist
2021 Headshot_Tran, Merry
Merry Tran
E-Learning Specialist

Marketing & Sales Team

Sean Gilley
Sales Manager
2020 Headshot_Smith, Sheryl_240
Sheryl Smith
Marketing Partnerships Manager
2021 Headshot_Mercer, Brandon
Brandon Mercer
Sales Account Executive

Client Success Team

Our Client Success team includes Onboarding & Support. Every team member is committed to providing exceptional support to Evosus clients around the world while building lasting and meaningful relationships.

2020 Headshot_Sickler, Scott-1
Scott Sickler
VP of Client Success
2021 Headshot_Moeser, Eric
Eric Moeser
Onboarding Manager
2021 Headshot_Cheyne, Tami
Tami Cheyne
Client Support Manager
Sandy Miller
Support Specialist
2021 Headshot_Gaines, Radiah
Radiah Gaines
Onboarding Specialist
2021 Headshot_Sally, Poe
Sally Poe
Onboarding Specialist
Ashlea Goldfinch
Support Specialist
Jeff Moon
Support Specialist
Kayla Sullivan
Support Specialist
2020 Headshot_Swiontek, Tim
Tim Swiontek
Technical Support Specialist
2020 Headshot_Castillo, Amy
Amy Castillo
LOU Support Specialist
2021 Headshot_Smolinski, Amanda
Amanda Smolinski
LOU Support Specialist
2021 Headshot_Goodwin, Grayson
Grayson Goodwin
LOU Support Specialist
Galen Drake
Senior Technical Advisor

Accounting & Finance Team

Our Accounting and Finance team is the core team that makes the wheels go 'round at Evosus. This team is responsible for managing our Accounting, Billing, and all things Finance.

Susan Marra.2
Susan Marra
Director of Accounting & Finance
2020 Headshot_English, Jamie
Jamie English
Staff Accountant
2021 Headshot_Ray, Shaila
Shaila Ray
Accounting Specialist


Alan Curtis
Cloud Systems Administrator

Learn more about LOU, our NEW cloud based software.