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The BEST Retail & Service
Businesses Run on LOU®

Retail  |  Service  |  Inventory  | Reports  |  Accounting

What is LOU?

LOU is a cloud ERP Software that keeps your employees and customers in sync all day.
LOU spans Retail, Service, Inventory, Reports and Financials (including full Accounting).

Everything is all in one place.

Businesses across the U.S. use our software to manage their business every day.

LOU® is Different - and that's a good thing.

We've built our software the right way, by putting your business first.

Client Reviews

"We love the variety of features and reporting available. We've only scratched the surface of what the LOU program can do to help us.  LOU allows us to manage our customers, inventory, and to plan for what's upcoming. It also gives us a platform for our techs to be online with us and has all the reporting that our bookkeeper needs. We love that it's cloud based and can be accessed anywhere. It's pretty easy to use when we understand the why to the what and set it up properly. It helps us with customer and inventory management the most as well as routing our service techs."

Valet PoolsJeff S.

"When shopping for software, we knew that we needed to be able to service our customers better as our company grew and spread to different areas. We all had to be on the same page, be able to grow, and service our customers like we want. We needed a system in place that allows you to send estimates, sales orders, share pricing information between stores, etc. With LOU everybody is on the same page! We really like the ability to see all orders across the company without calling around to each store. Overall we are very pleased with the operation, and the support that we receive."

A-Tex Family Fun CenterShawn E.
"The efficiency that LOU offers my team and me is great. We went from working on spreadsheets and multiple apps to now a small handful. We also liked that they offered onsite consulting so our team could meet our Account Manager in person and help guide us through the software.  LOU solves the problem of having multiple programs, and we can get support when we have an issue."
Paradise SpasMike P.

"The way this program keeps everything in one space for our company allowed us to go paperless and avoid customer files throughout the store.

They are constantly pushing out new updates. This whole time the product has been far superior to what we have seen in other POS systems. We looked around for quite awhile! LOU had the cleanest look and appeared to be the easiest to use.

Overall we have been extremely satisfied and would encourage anyone debating the cost (we did for a year) to take the plunge. I will say I believe LOU has saved our company money and been worth it!"

Pleasure Pools and SpasMickey W.

Streamline & grow your business with LOU® cloud business software.