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LOU® Onboarding

Live on LOU in 30 to 60 Days

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Onboarding includes a Weekly Video Call.
1 Point of Contact Until You're Live on LOU®

Pre-Game Warmups: Let's make sure your business is ready for LOU.

LOU Business Review

We get to know your business a little better.   

Log into your LOU account > Complete the Review > In Less than an Hour, You're Done 

Agenda for Business Review
  • Internet & Connectivity: Internet speed, networking, and your overall IT system.
  • Hardware: Devices, computers, and printers used throughout your business.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Hardware: Explains the options for setting up your POS system.
Phase 1: Build the Foundation

Accounting & Foundation

You're building your business in the cloud.  You'll be focused on customers, inventory, vendors and scheduling.

Accounting & Foundation
  • Review the Foundation and Accounting product setup Tiles
  • Review the process for importing Customers, SKUs and Vendors
  • Your Merchant Application Submission & Status
  • Confirm you’ve purchased your LOU Hardware, if needed
Phase 2: Organize Your Inventory

Inventory: A Fresh Start

You design and organize your inventory....Your Way.  This is the newly organized multi-site searchable inventory you have always wanted. 

Meeting Agenda
  • Complete the Foundation and Accounting product setup tiles
  • Review what Inventory product setup tasks you have In Progress or marked as Completed
  • Review your SKU Import Spreadsheet
  • Your Merchant Application Status - E-signature must be completed at this time
  • Discuss the status of your LOU Hardware order, if applicable
Phase 3: Now It's Getting Real

Sales, Service & Scheduling

Momentum continues as you finalize your set up on vendors, customers, inventory, and schedules in LOU. 

Meeting Agenda
  • Import your SKU spreadsheet into LOU
  • Import your Vendor spreadsheet into LOU
  • Review the Sales, Service and Scheduling product setup Tiles
  • Discuss the status of your LOU Hardware order, if applicable. Hardware purchasing deadline.
Phase 4: Prepare for Liftoff

Clean Data = Key to Success

At this point, you're headed toward the finish line.  You're making sure that your training is completed, beginning balances are right, tiles are completed, integrations are set up  - the key is completion.     

Meeting Agenda
  • Import your Customer spreadsheet into LOU
  • Discuss entering your Beginning Balances
  • Review how to enter your beginning quantity on hand
  • Complete the Additional Integrations Tile
  • Ensure all outstanding product setup tasks are completed
  • Discuss any outstanding LOU training questions
It's Time for Your Business Launch to Go Live on LOU


LOU Hand-Off Call Meeting Agenda:
  • Introduction to the LOU Support Manager
  • Support Center overview, and what you can expect in the month following Go-Live
  • Overview of LOU features & system to make sure you are set up for success in LOU
  • Final hardware transaction run through
  • Schedule your Go-Live

Going Live & Beyond - We continue to check in months after you Go Live, keeping you smoothly cruising through each month as you transact/adopt/embrace your new LOU software.