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Evosus® Legacy

Evosus Software is no longer for sale. However, we have committed to supporting it through December 31, 2026.

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Over 500 businesses use Evosus Business Software every day to manage their Retail / Service / Construction business


Integrates your entire business

Evosus Software is designed to integrate every aspect of your business including point of sale, inventory, marketing, service, construction, and accounting.

Fully integrated accounting

Comprehensive financial and accounting processes are the backbone of any business -- which is why Evosus Software offers complete accounting functionality.


Track your inventory with ease

We understand the complexities of managing inventory. Whether the challenge is time management, access to information, multiple stock sites, or developing a process -- Evosus Software is the solution for you.

Make strategic business decisions

Evosus Software provides real-time information about every department in your company -- anytime you need it. With flexible security permissions, you can provide employee's access to the reports they need to make key sales and purchasing decisions within their departments.


Service & scheduling

Running a profitable service and repair center can be challenging for any size business but can be even more demanding during the busy season. Evosus Software takes away the challenge with service & scheduling features that are practical, intuitive and easy to use.

Vendor Integrations

Our integrations help you gain a competitive advantage by providing superior customer service through real-time access to key information, reduced costs by eliminating duplicate entry, the ability to make strategic business decisions with sales and purchasing information and ultimately sell more product.