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pool service company
Dan McManusJul 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM3 min read

A Few Ways For Your Pool Service Company to Grow

Be proud of yourself!

You built your pool service company from scratch and now sales and services are covering pools and hot tubs in a market larger than you thought you could serve.

At some point, did business plateau?   Check out a few things you can do right now to help your business scale and grow.

Inventory Control

“Where did we put that?” is a cry for help and a sure sign of the struggles. When you have multiple warehouses and storefronts, inventory manually being put into a spreadsheet is tedious and it's prone to inaccuracies.

Go paperless with an integrated system and make those inventory control problems disappear!  When your part is in stock, an inventory scanner finds the part and location quickly. An integrated system can show you if a part is designated for an existing service or an installation call. From the moment your inventory part hits the warehouse or showroom, you are instantly tracking each SKU with your system.

No more guessing with an integrated inventory system that lets you know where every part is located..

Service Techs

The struggle is real!  You must stay on top of managing the daily workflow for every service tech. 

Customers love knowing when the tech will be there, and if something changes, those immediate updated messages make all the difference. Real-time route planning and tracking let you know where your techs are at all times.  And techs let your customers know where they are by sending them updated messages. Your service techs can now keep doing what they do best, and the customers will be informed at each stage of their job.

Gone are the days of an hours-long window of time for a tech to show up at a job. When your customer is waiting for the service tech, they need to be provided the arrival time, and if it changes...they need to receive that updated arrival right away. Using a manual system for setting up your field service crew's schedules, routes, and vans just doesn't cut it these days. 

Payment System

Invoices scrawled in your employee’s handwriting is not the personal touch experience your customers want in the store or out in the field. Customers want simple, clear invoicing and payment methods. When they know exactly what they’re invoiced for (without surprises) and have multiple ways to make a payment on the spot.....everyone wins!

Customers want clarity and transparency in what they are paying for. Make sure service, delivery, and other charges are clearly explained up front, at the start of each job. When you tell them a spa costs $9,000 but then they see an invoice showing delivery and installation fees that changed their final cost well beyond that amount, they are not happy.

An automated system providing various payment methods and detailed invoicing helps you avoid invoicing and payment struggles.

Business Reputation 

When you can’t respond quickly to customer questions or concerns, it hurts your reputation. Reviews and word of mouth can make or break your pool and hot tub business. 

Having all your data in one place gives you the power to anticipate and respond faster to customer needs. Data helps you understand customer behavior and respond by providing upcoming news on what is happening in your store and invite calls to action on purchases. Data does not lie.

When you are not on top of the data, customer service takes a nosedive.  Having a handle on the data is a significant factor in providing a solid customer experience. 

Stop the Struggle in Scaling & Growing.

If you're sensing signs of struggle....... no need to hit the panic button.  By switching over from manual to integrated automated processes, those struggles will begin to disappear and your business will continue to grow.  

Evosus helps pool service companies grow by giving them the visibility they need across multiple locations and between the retail and service sides of business.

To find out how Evosus can help you gain the level of visibility needed to scale your business contact us today!


Dan McManus

Dan McManus, President and CEO of Evosus, is a seasoned technology executive with over 17 years of experience. His deep industry knowledge and strategic leadership make him a trusted authority on technology and software development trends, best practices, and innovations.