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pool service management
Dan McManusJul 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM3 min read

Why Pool Service Management is at the Center of Business Growth

Keeping everything running smoothly and growing at the same time?   We have good news for you!

What's the good news?  There's intelligent, easy-to-use software that can streamline your service routes, keep you in touch with your customers, and maintain your inventory .... all in real time (and 100% accurate).

Let's check out a few things to continue the growth....smoothly.

More Efficient Service Routes = More Profit

Extra service vans and crew members are expensive, so smart growth means making the most of what you have. When you're scaling the pool service management side of your business, the right tools can help you plan more efficient routes and schedules.

Using integrated clever software, you can organize one or multiple routes, integrate them into Google Maps, and prioritize your schedule based on type of work and tech availability.

Even better, your field techs can forget about those constant trips back to the office every time a new job comes through. Instead, you can receive a call, create a work order, update the schedule, and send the details straight to the field tech. You'll also save money on fuelVery Cool.

Customers Receive the VIP Treatment

VIP service doesn't require extra time or additional staff, you can easily continue your VIP treatment and scale your business using smart tools.

With a digital management system, you can send automatic messages to customers that keep them updated on the status of their job. Instant alerts can include, "On my way," "Arriving," and "Departing".  Your customers know exactly where your tech is just by looking at their phone!

These messages might seem simple, but you'll be amazed how much your customers will appreciate the effort.

On top of that, you can send “digital door hangers” after each job, with a personalized email confirming the work is complete and summarizing what was done.  Customers love "digital door hangers" and the extra communication is an easy way to let your customers know that you care.

Best of all, the messages and emails are automated...no extra time or effort required. Win-win!

Inventory Management Supports Growth

When streamlining your pool service management you know how important inventory stock control is.  You want to know what SKUs are part of a project that is in the works, what is on a van getting ready for installation, and what is in one of your warehouse facilities ready for sale. 

With a software system that manages and controls inventory for you, those concerns keeping you up at night quickly disappear.  A stock management system provides your whole team access to real-time availability, locations, orders on hold, and current pricing and margins. You can even set seasonal minimum and maximum stock levels to improve your cash flow. Wow!

Remove any guessing about what's in stock or where it is and know that you're working with 100% accurate information.

We Are Here for You

We know you are working hard every day to optimize your routes, keep your customers updated and happy, and manage your inventory.

At Evosus, we created an intelligent cloud based management system to make life easier for people like you. We work with pool and hot tub service companies throughout the industry, and we know exactly what you need to grow.

If you'd like to know more about our software, view a demo of the system in action.      Check out the Evosus blog for more industry tips.

Evosus helps pool service companies grow by giving them the visibility they need across multiple locations and between the retail and service sides of business.  Reach out and contact us today!


Dan McManus

Dan McManus, President and CEO of Evosus, is a seasoned technology executive with over 17 years of experience. His deep industry knowledge and strategic leadership make him a trusted authority on technology and software development trends, best practices, and innovations.