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Fully stocked shelves in a pool and spa business.
Jeni HarringtonOct 14, 2016 8:41:17 AM1 min read

How Evosus Software is Scary Good: Part 1, Inventory Management

A Three Part Series on the Hidden Treats of Business Management Software for the Pool and Spa Industry

It’s October! Time for trick or treat-but when it comes to your pool and spa business it’s all about the treats! There are often scary breaks in process lurking in your business that go undetected: pitfalls in inventory management, lost opportunities at the register, lack of insight into what's happening in the field and countless hours of back office paperwork and labor impeding productivity not to mention profitability. The good news is that Evosus Software has solutions for all these scary issues.


Part I:   Evosus Puts a Screeching Halt to Excessive and Lost Inventory for Pool and Spa Businesses

Inventory management for the pool and spa business is a painstaking task. When we first talk to an owner it's almost always the area of their business that needs priority handling. Why? Disparate inventory is hard to control. You may have multiple departments, various retail locations, several service trucks as well as delivery trucks where inventory unknowingly gets swapped, or worse, each location orders excessive quantities instead of transferring inventory from one location to serve another. All of this snowballs into one scary monster.

Using Evosus Software for inventory management gives you visibility on all your inventory items including current location, what quantities exist and tracking capability in order to fulfill all requirements from one overarching inventory count. Before ordering any one item, you can see if there are any available quantities to transfer from another location or one of your service trucks. You can also easily plan for future stock requirements for any given item by reviewing the inventory turn rate reports.

A great example comes from Nicole Ragel, Administration Manager at Patio Pools & Spas in Tucson, Arizona. Before using Evosus Software, Nicole’s company was experiencing anywhere from $50,000 up to $150,000 in lost or missing inventory every year! Within the first year of using Evosus, they were down to only $3,000 in missing inventory. Today, the company is spot-on knowing where all their inventory is and where it’s going. See what Nicole had to say in this video: Inventory Management with Evosus

For more information about Evosus inventory management for your business, be sure to visit our web site or email sales@evosus.com


Jeni Harrington

Jeni Harrington