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Jeni HarringtonOct 18, 2016 9:21:46 AM2 min read

How Evosus Software is Scary Good: Part 2, Mobile Service

Part 2: Evosus Mobile Service Creates Instant Visibility in the Field for Your Pool and Spa Business 

Chances are if you don't already have Evosus Mobile Service for your pool and spa business, you aren't getting the insight you need for what field is working on—nor in real-time when you need it. This application simply doesn't exist anywhere else in the pool and spa industry.  Adopting a new software or technology can be scary, but once you get over the hurdle you will see the advantages to your technicians and the impact on your business. 

Evosus Mobile Service puts all of the critical components of your techs service schedule into the palm of their hand empowering better communication between field technicians, the office and your customers.  

Service technicians will enjoy: 

  • Direct access to their service schedule
  • Ability to record arrival and departure times for accountability
  • Customer contact data to update them on arrival times or changes
  • Access to electronic service order for changes or additions
  • Scan item barcodes and capture chemical or equipment readings
  • Less paperwork to return to the office (or lost in transit!)
  • Directions and maps to get to every job site on time and safely
  • Access to a customer's last 5 service orders for better troubleshooting and insight
  • Ability to add additional parts and labor to any invoice for greater upsells on site
  • Even document an incomplete job for better follow up and continued customer service

But really, don't just take our word for it. Read what Nick Day, Service Manager, with Gohlke Pool Supply, Inc. in Denton Texas had to say about his experience with Evosus Mobile: 

"We have used Evosus Mobile for a year and it has paid for itself again and again.  It allows us to streamline our weekly pool service paperwork and has completely eliminated the actual paper associated with it.  Not only are we saving money on printer ink and paper, we freed up a whole room we used to transfer and store that paperwork.  It also saved us over 30 hours a week in labor used to process all that paperwork. 

Our technicians also enjoy the features Evosus Mobile adds.  They love the mapping feature and the convenience of being able to call or text the customer without dialing.  The ability to add parts directly to the work orders and upload photos straight to customer’s account really saves a lot of time.  Not to mention communication between the office and the technician has dramatically increased.  The office is able to monitor the technician’s progress throughout the day.  Issues get flagged and handled immediately rather than waiting until the end of the day or the following day, so our customers benefit with faster response times. 

We have only used Evosus Mobile for a year and I can’t imagine going back to the days before.  I certainly couldn’t see continuing to increase our weekly service offerings without it.  It allows us to take on more weekly service customers with very minimal impact to the time of the support staff, eliminating that particular growing pain." 

For additional information, email sales@evosus.com



Jeni Harrington

Jeni Harrington