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Evosus® Legacy Software Features

Streamline your business and grow. Integration is the #1 reason why over 500 pool, hot tub and hearth businesses rely on Evosus Software every day. It's an all-in-one software solution for businesses that span retail, service, and construction.


Comprehensive employee management

Employees are one of your most valuable assets. They provide your customers with an exceptional customer service experience and account for a fairly significant line item on your Income Statement. It's important to provide them with the information they need to be successful in your business while also monitoring time and expense. 

Employee Management

  • Track multiple pay schedules
  • Exclusive employee performance analyzer
  • Track worker's compensation allocations
  • Master audit log to track employee activity
  • Robust & flexible employee security permissions
  • Employee view to store sales goals
  • Employee view to current & upcoming promotions
  • Interoffice communication with action items


  • Allow employees to punch in/out
  • Implement timecard approval process
  • Track & review incomplete timecards
  • Track employee overtime
  • Record scheduled employee absences
  • Employee access to their timecard history

Track your most valuable asset

We also understand the complexities of managing inventory. Whether the challenge is time management, access to information, multiple stock sites or developing a process – we have the solution for you. Evosus can help you address inventory challenges head-on by giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Marketing & Lead Management

  • Flexible list generation for leads & customers
  • Automated follow-up campaign streams
  • Track advertising ROI
  • Report on cost per inquiry
  • Report on inquiry to order lag time
  • Export marketing lists to labels, spreadsheets or action items
  • Mass reassign leads due to employee turnover or seasonality
  • Report on lead closing ratio
  • Monitor & evaluate effectiveness of follow-up campaigns

Customer Relationship Management

  • Complete purchase history
  • Unlimited customer database
  • Customizable site profiles
  • Manual and automatic follow-up reminders
  • Complete customer note history
  • Store images & files on customer accounts
  • Ability to import new leads & customers from spreadsheets
  • Track & manage loyalty program points & status
  • Track multiple leads/sales opportunities per customer

Track your most valuable asset

We also understand the complexities of managing inventory. Whether the challenge is time management, access to information, multiple stock sites or developing a process – we have the solution for you.  Evosus can help you address inventory challenges head-on by giving you the tools you need to succeed.

Inventory Management

  • Vendor management
  • Hazardous materials tracking
  • Customizable pricing options
  • Perform physical counts manually or with servers
  • Stock transfer & manual adjustments
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Warranty (RMA, RGA) tracking
  • Track special order items & backorders
  • Warehouse & multi-location management
  • Real-time item availability across locations
  • Dynamic inventory scheduling
  • Flexible kit building and selling
  • Automated serial number tracking
  • Item barcoding & customizable label printing
  • BIN/location tracking
  • Purchase order management
  • Automated reorder alerts based on seasonality & demand

Order Management

  • Flexible discounting options
  • Alert employees of important notes with pop-up alerts
  • Auto-print order text for items sold
  • Perform physical counts manually or with scanners
  • Manage order process flow with Evosus Order Queues
  • Easily add tasks to the schedule from orders
  • Auto-print order text for items sold
  • Record internal & customer-facing order notes
  • Control margins with max discounts per employee
  • Comprehensive serial number tracking
  • Transfer orders to the warehouse for customer pickup
  • Maintain profit using our Exclusive Margin Maker
  • Easily track commissions on orders & line items
  • Quickly promote quotes into sales or service orders
  • Never miss upsell opportunities with Dynamic Kits
  • Know real-time order status with order flags
  • Recieve automated notifications related to order updates

Empower your point of sale

Evosus Point of Sale seamlessly integrates with all other functions of the software including accounting, marketing, inventory and merchant card services allowing you to eliminate double entry and manual inventory adjustments.


  • Flexible payment options
  • Automatically control retail margins with discount limits
  • Apply discounts to individual items or entire tickets


  • Create orders for pickup at warehouse
  • Place orders on hold or convert to special orders
  • Related item suggestions and reminders


  • Customizable customer loyalty programs
  • Comprehensive reporting on sales, products and more
  • Track new leads through POS

The right tool for the job

Managing large pool construction and renovation jobs is no easy task and requires detail cost tracking to ensure the job remains profitable from start to finish. 


LOU® was built for:

Service & Scheduling

  • Drag-and-drop service schedule
  • Smart scheduling based on tech skill & availability
  • Customizable troubleshooting interviews
  • Integrated mobile service app for techs
  • Easily track & reschedule incomplete jobs
  • Batch print/email route sheets, pick lists and service orders
  • View equipment and warranty status
  • Secure & encrypted credit card storage for fast processing
  • Automated warranty claim processing
  • View & schedule jobs based on route and zone
  • Calendar, list & dispatch service views
  • Quickly viewed unscheduled service orders

Maintenance Contracts

  • Flexible contract scheduling for seasonality
  • Contract customers denoted with VIP status for easy identification
  • Safely store customer credit card information
  • Automatic notifications when contract is expiring
  • Quickly process recurring invoices & payments
  • Temporarily place contracts on hold
  • Easily reschedule recurring tasks in batch
  • Mass reassign techs due to turnover or seasonality
  • Optionally create orders weekly or monthly
  • Use maintenance contracts for auto-ship programs

Job Costing

  • Measure cost & profitability as the job progresses
  • Detailed budgeting by phase & cost code
  • Track sub-contractor information
  • Track real-time labor cards with Evosus Timecards
  • Revenue by completed contract or percent complete
  • Track & convert construction leads into actual sales
  • Maintain accurate stock levels with integrated inventory
  • Fully integrated accounting
  • Flexible client billing
  • Store job images and files

Make strategic business decisions

Business reports play a vital role in actively managing your business. Reports should help you predict trends, analyze sales performance and identify potential problems before they negatively impact your business.



  • Exclusive Evosus Money Tree
  • Lead closing ratio
  • Cash drawer activity
  • Timecard reports
  • Sales promotion analysis
  • Item price list
  • Hazardous materials tracking
  • Commission register
  • Inventory 12 months analysis
  • AR & AP agings
  • Warranty lost claims
  • Referral sales analysis
  • Inventory valuation
  • Sales tax due
  • Customer deposits register
  • Sales discount analysis
  • Items waiting to be delivered
  • Service revenue by tech

Accounting & Financials

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement (profit & loss)
  • Trial balance
  • Budget creation & financial comparisons
  • Automatic revenue & expense tracking by location/store
  • Data entry audit log reporting for fraud prevention
  • Click thru on all reports to access originating transaction
  • Complete accounts payable functionality
  • Complete account receivable functionality
  • Customer deposit liability reporting
  • Credit memo usage reporting
  • Bank deposits & reconciliation 
  • Cred card reconciliation
  • Manual & recurring journal entries
  • Flexible & customizable chart of accounts
  • 1099 vendor reporting
  • Sales tax calculating & reporting
  • Bad debt reporting