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LOU® is business software specifically built for the Pool, Hot Tub and Hearth industries

Since 2001, our focus has been on simple, streamlined solutions for complex industries.

Pool & Hot Tub

Many of our pool & hot tub clients are moving as many as 5 systems to 1 (LOU®).

We help 400 pool & hot tub companies every day.

  • Retail - Service - Inventory
  • 100% inventory visibility
  • Multi-store / multi-site inventory management
  • Recurring service orders
  • Chemical & equipment tracking

Simplifying Stove Sales since 2005

We built the #1 hearth business software in North America.

  • Build custom orders in minutes
  • Reorder alerts ensure you never run out of pipe, shrouds, caps (or anything)
  • Seasonal min / max levels help manage cash flow
  • Schedule installs with ease with integrated routing and scheduling

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