Evosus Mobile Service

Go paperless.
Your service manager will love the visibility. Your techs will not miss their clipboard.

Software in the palm of your hand

View tech schedules in real-time

View all your tech schedules at once, or filter to focus on a specific truck or tech.  Use the calendar view or list view to get visibility to your tech's schedules.

Turn-by-turn navigation with Google Maps

Use the route-optimization feature to reduce windshield time and keep your techs moving!  Techs then move from job to job using Google Maps, helping them avoid traffic, accidents and you increase revenue per route.

Record arrival and departure times

Your service techs can use the clock in / clock out feature so that you know where they are, and how long each job is taking.

View recent service history

Look professional in front of your customers by giving techs the information on the last 5 service calls. 

View client troubleshooting interviews

Tired of having to call a customer back to verify information?  Streamline your process with customizable customer "interviews". 

Record tech notes & visit information

Service techs love to use the voice-to-text feature on their phones to quickly capture notes.  Standard typing works too!

Capture chemical & equipment readings

No more paper! Capture data and store it in the customer's account for reference on future visits.

Scan item barcodes in the field

Techs love using their mobile phone to scan product barcodes and eliminate typing.  A huge time saver!

Take pictures, sync, and store

Seeing is believing. Taking pictures is important for equipment damage, unexpected situations or when a job looks so good, it belongs on a brochure.  Syncs up with the customer's account for future reference.

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