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Includes previous major

Newest Release

LOU 34

Release Date: November 3, 2021

Key feature enhancement:

  • Schedule Confirmation Messaging improvements

Click here to check out LOU34 detailed Release Notes. 

LOU 33

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Key Feature Enhancement:

  • Schedule Confirmation Messages for Customers

We've made a lot of performance improvements for you, specifically on many of the Search Pages!

Click here to check out LOU33 detailed Release Notes. 

LOU 32

Release Date: September 29th, 2021

Lots of great New Features in this release for:

  • Recurring Orders
  • Kit Questions
  • Security Permissions
  • and...more!

Click here to check out LOU32 detailed Release Notes. 

We've also released POS 1.15!

LOU 31

Release Date: August 4th, 2021

Key Feature Enhancements:

  • Purchase Orders-Search Page - Speed, Performance, and now the added 'More Options' buttons.
  • Kit Questions - Selection dropdown, easy question readability, and more.

For LOU 31.1 Release Date:  August 11th, 2021- Click here for a detailed list of release notes.

Click here to check out LOU31 detailed Release Notes. 

LOU 30

Release Date: July 14th, 2021

Key Features:

  • Kit Questions - You asked, we listened! Dynamic Kits are possible with SKU Kit Questions 
  • Mass Pre-Pay REOs - pre-pay Recurring Orders en masse at the beginning of the month....rather than end of the month
  • Scheduling Timeframes
  • Invoice Mass Printing / Sending

Click here to check out LOU30 detailed Release Notes. 

LOU 29

Release Date: June 15th, 2021

Key Features:

  • Images - Customer View Electronic Documents & Door Hangers
  • Images - Purchase Orders

Click here to check out LOU29 detailed Release Notes. 

All Prior Release Notes

Prior Release Notes

Do you want to see the list of all prior releases?

Then, Click here to see a list of all the prior release notes!



Currently in development for release in early 2022.


Evosus Legacy to LOU Data Migration

Hey Evosus Legacy clients - we’re working on something special for ya! Developers are researching the best way to migrate your Evosus Legacy data to LOU so you don’t skip a beat when you onboard to LOU. Things like Customers, Customer Notes, Equipment, Inventory, and more.


Special Order Items

In these industries, custom items like a hearth or bullfrog spa are limitless and often ordered specifically for each customer. Special Order Items allow you to manage those unique offerings without adding each individual custom component to your SKU data.



LOU Schedule App

Our development team is actively coding the LOU Schedule app for field personnel to get their jobs done quickly! With features like offline mode, picture uploads, Google navigation, and task notes, your field personnel is sure to impress your customers and get their jobs done faster than ever. The team at the office will be happy they don't have to type up those service notes any longer!



Here comes LOU integration with Avalara!  We want to make sure your tax compliance is done right.  This feature is tax automation for businesses, with real-time tax calculation,  automatic tax return filing, and destination-based tax for your work orders.

Avalara is a master tax sales and use tax advisor -  integrated with LOU!


Replenishment Wizard

Let LOU do the heavy lifting and tell you exactly what to order based on current inventory levels, reserved quantities, open estimates, and more. With LOU you’ll never be without what you need -  when you need it.

Customer Portal

Enhanced Customer Statement

The statements currently sent to customers are getting more useful now! In addition to making a payment, customers will now be able to “view their account”, where they will be able to confirm appointments, view pending estimates and orders, update their communication preferences and more! This is the start of the Customer Portal that will eventually be available in LOU.


Online Bill Pay Option

This feature will provide a way for you to link customers from your  website directly to their statement where they will be able to make online payments.


Expect to see these features in LOU in mid-2022.


My Day

Before heading out on their day, your service personnel can log into LOU and check out what inventory is required for their scheduled tasks.  They can double-check that every inventory part needed for their tasks is loaded into their vehicle before heading out to start their day.  Those days of leaving that one part back at the store are now over. Very cool!


Main Menu

The main menu is getting a little refresh! The goal is to keep it familiar so you don’t have to spend time re-learning a menu, but make it so you can get to what you need with less clicks and make LOU perform FASTER overall!


Support ACH for Customer Payments

Your customers will now have the opportunity to make payments via ACH by simply providing their bank routing and account numbers. Good news for customers? They have more payment options. Good news for you? ACH rates are a lot less than Credit Card rates!



The world has turned to curbside and contactless orders. You'll be able to integrate online orders - in LOU - in real time.



We are leveling up the Calendar with additional features to address advanced calendaring and scheduling needs!


Planned for release in late 2022 and beyond.

More Mobile Apps!

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps include the LOU Schedule app, LOU Warehouse, and more!


Custom Pricing

Dynamic pricing strategies are coming to LOU! Whether there is a sales promotion coming or you offer wholesale pricing, LOU will help you set up, manage, and automate the pricing entries.


Suggested Sell

Suggestive Selling can be used in many ways by the LOU Dealer.  Obvious ways are to offer products when we see the user purchases a specific product.    Other ways are to document specific return policies or education when a SKU exists on the order.


Built-in Accounting

With built-in accounting, LOU will help you run your business with one software solution!