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lou-logo-powered-1   Roadmap


Includes 6 previous major

Newest Releases

LOU 24
February 23, 2021

Key Features:
  • Checklists
  • Personnel Tasks
  • Customized Terms & Conditions

.....but wait there's MORE...

For LOU 24.1 - March 3, 2021, Release Notes, click here.

Click here to check out LOU24 - February 22, 2021, detailed Release Notes. 

LOU 23

LOU 23.2 Release Date: February 9, 2021- Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

LOU 23.1 Release Date: February 2, 2021- Click here for a detailed list of release notes.

LOU 23 Release Date: January 25, 2021- Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

6 New Features, 8 Feature Changes /Enhancements, and 29 Bugs Fixes have been made in LOU 23 Release.


LOU 22

LOU 22.2 Release Date: December 16, 2020- Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

LOU 22.1 Release Date: December 9, 2020- Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

LOU 22 Release Date: December 2, 2020- Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

3 New Features, 3 Feature Changes /Enhancements, and 20 Bugs Fixes were made in LOU 22 Release total.

LOU 21

Release Date: November 17, 2020

5 New Features, 17 Feature Changes/ Enhancements, and 15 Bug Fixes were made in LOU Release 21. Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

LOU 20

Release Date: October 7, 2020

5 New Features, 7 Feature Changes/ Enhancements, and 9 Bug Fixes were made in LOU Release 20. Click here for a detailed list of release notes. 

We've also released POS1.9 !!


Currently in development for release over the next few months.


Drip Campaigns

With LOU, you’ll always have insight into all your opportunities making sure to never let a lead fall through the cracks. Manage opportunities, ensure timely follow-up, set opportunity stages, and more with LOU soon!



Recurring Order Mass Invoice & Mass Pay

Let LOU give the gift of time back to your day as we automate your month end close-out process for recurring orders.  Whether you have a 100 or 1000s of recurring orders, in just 2 clicks LOU will  Validate, Invoice, Receive Payment, Email Receipts, and send statements where a balance is due.   Click, Click, and Done.



Dynamic Kits

Dynamic kits are a great sales tool, and ideal for selling groups of items with many options, for example, pool, hot tubs, or stoves. Quickly set up a series of questions for your sales personnel to walk through with the customer that builds a custom list of items. Ensuring the sales personnel asks the right questions, offers the correct accessories and options, and completes the order.


Discounts on Orders

Whether you want to provide a dollar or a percentage discount on a specific inventory item SKU, it is easy to apply them.  There is the option to provide a discount for all items on the order.  Ring up the order, and select one, many, or all the items for your discount.  With LOU, you have the flexibility.


Opportunity Management

With LOU, you’ll always have insight into all your opportunities making sure to never let a lead fall through the cracks. Manage opportunities, ensure timely follow up, set opportunity stages and more with LOU soon!


LOU Schedule App

Our development team is actively coding the LOU Schedule app for field personnel to get their jobs done quickly! With features like offline mode, picture uploads, Google navigation, and task notes, your field personnel is sure to impress your customers and get their jobs done faster than ever. The team at the office will be happy they don't have to type up those service notes any longer!


In 2021, expect to see these features in LOU.



Go ahead and set those desired timeframes in LOU.  Schedule your tasks on the calendar and set your desired timeframe for the scheduled appointment. Nice and Easy!


Group Security

LOU Group Securities will allow you to customize user permissions for a select group of users making setup quick and simple. Need to control which group of employees has the ability to void a payment? No problem.


My Day

Before heading out on their day, your service personnel can log into LOU and check out what inventory is required for their scheduled tasks.  They can double-check every inventory part needed for their day is loaded into their vehicle before heading out to start the day.  Those days of leaving that one part back at the store are now over. Very cool!


Special Order Items

In these industries custom items like a hearth or bullfrog spa are limitless and often ordered specifically for each customer. Special Order Items allow you to manage those unique offerings without adding each individual custom component to your SKU data.

Job Site

Picture Management

With key features like gallery image searchability, zooming in/out, and the ability to edit the new images they take on-site, your onsite service personnel have what is needed to document their work and review historical photos.   When the job is completed, they take the new photos, storing them directly on LOU.  


Planned for release in late 2021 and beyond.


Evosus Legacy to LOU Data Migration

Hey Evosus Legacy clients - we’re working on something special for ya! Developers are researching the best way to migrate your Evosus Legacy data to LOU so you don’t skip a beat when you onboard to LOU. Things like Customers, Customer Notes, Equipment, Inventory, and more.


Replenishment Wizard

Let LOU do the heavy lifting and tell you exactly what to order based on current inventory levels, reserved quantities, open estimates and more. With LOU you’ll never be without what you need, when you need it.


Custom Pricing

Dynamic pricing strategies are coming to LOU! Whether there is a sales promotion coming or you offer wholesale pricing, LOU will help you set up, manage, and automate the pricing entries.

More Mobile Apps!

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps include the LOU Schedule app, LOU SKU Manager, LOU Customer Portal and more!


Physical Counts

A physical count of inventory is a must for any retailer.  With LOU, easily conduct an inventory physical count.  A physical count is an actual count of the goods in stock. Now you can keep a close eye on the stock you have on hand and always know the right amount of stock available - at all time.