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Includes previous major

Newest Release


Release Date: September 27, 2023

Great features and fixes!

A couple things we're excited about:

  • Accounts Receivable Post Dates for Payments
  • LOU Accounting - Account Reconciliation Batch Processing


Click here  to check out detailed Release Notes. 

Newest Release

LOU58 and LOU POS2.1.0 and LOU Schedule 1.0.29

Release Date: August 9, 2023

So much to talk about!

A couple things we're excited about:

  • LOU Accounting Expense Flexible Void Dates
  • SKU Extended Text Descriptions


Click here  and here and here to check out detailed Release Notes. 

LOU57 and POS2.0.5

Release Date:

July 19, 2023

This is a great release that includes new features and fixes for both LOU Web and LOU Retail POS 2.0

A couple things we're excited about:

  • LOU Accounting General Ledger Register improvements
  • LOU Retail POS 2.0 Offline Mode indicator


Click here and here to check out detailed Release Notes. 

All Prior Release Notes

Prior Release Notes

Do you want to see the list of all prior releases?

Then, click here to see a list of all the prior release notes!



Our team is currently working on all this goodness!


Support ACH for Customer Payments

Your customers will now have the opportunity to make payments via ACH by simply providing their bank routing and account numbers. Good news for customers? They have more payment options. Good news for you? ACH rates are a lot less than Credit Card rates!


POS for Windows

Use one device for both LOU Web and LOU Retail POS with POS for Windows! One PC can serve as your cash drawer while still accessing the full LOU Web app seamlessly, eliminating the need for a separate POS device.


Payment on File

Card on File is being expanded to Payment on File to include ACH and support the ability for your Customers to manage their own Payment Methods (Card or ACH) via the Customer Portal. 

LOU Accounting

Beta Feedback

Great new features and improvements based on LOU Accounting Beta feedback from our early adopters.  


We've got our sights set on these spectacular features next!


eCommerce API

The world has turned to curbside and contactless orders. You'll be able to integrate online orders - in LOU - in real time.


LOU Tags

Create workflows for just about any process in LOU. Keep your high priority clients organized with custom #hashtags you create. With LOU Tags, there are infinite organizational possibilities!


Copy Estimates and Orders

Quickly copy existing Estimates and Orders to create a new Estimate or Order with the same information. 


Merge Customers

Did you create a Customer Profile only to discover you already have the Customer in your database?! No worries! Merge Customers quickly enables you to combine those Customer records into one complete Customer Profile, eliminating duplicates and keeping your Customer list tidy!


Zoltar says "down the road LOU will have these features and more!"


Commissions Tracking

We're creating the foundation that will allow you to easily and efficiently track commission.


Reporting Updates (Including Moneytree)

We're making improvements to the reports feature infrastructure. Improvements to performance, user experience, and content will change the way you track and report on data in LOU!


Warehouse Mobile App

A companion app for LOU Web that puts important Warehouse features such as Pick Lists and Physical Count at your fingertips on a mobile app, saving time and paper!