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Jessica ChaseMar 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM2 min read

Making the Most of the Hearth Industry's "Slow Season"

As the busy season begins to wind down there is a sense of relief often followed by a healthy dose of reality: it may be slow but we still have a business to run folks!  One of the greatest challenges in a seasonal industry is to find creative ways to keep revenue flowing and staff busy.  Many businesses out there are using software to run their business, but not fully utilizing all of the features.  We’d suggest you take this opportunity to learn something new, reinvent existing processes and retool your business.

Right now is the perfect time to pick up new (or new to you) software features you haven’t yet implemented as well as touch-up, or start from scratch, processes that will help your business run smoothly when sales pick up.  Here are some suggestions I can make based on the areas of software I know are under-utilized during the busy season due to strains on resources like time and training:


Use your customer database and marketing list tools to bring in more business by advertising an early buy discount on a pre-purchased Chimney Sweep. Consider taking a course on social media for business, create a Facebook business page and plan out a social media campaign for the year. Programs like “Sprout Social” make managing your social media pretty easy these days!

-Inventory Cycle Counts

Your slow season is the perfect time to establish a schedule of routine counts by Product Line, Aisle/Bin, or Vendor.  Cycle counts will keep your Inventory accurate throughout the year and reduce the headache of doing one large count at the end of the year. While you’re at it, why not look into purchase a Memory Scanner for your physical counts and use this opportunity to teach your staff how to use it!

-Lead Tracking

Do you struggle to follow-up with all of your leads when business ramps up? Do you have an easy way for your sales people to qualify and classify leads? Is there visibility and accountability in your lead tracking process? It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re using technology to help you stay on top of lead management.  Your sales staff needs an ample supply of qualified leads so they are sure to spend time where it counts. A good lead tracking program will allow you to record communication and easily refer to it.  If your lead tracking software allows you to set up automated campaigns, take some time to map out a set of action items for your sales and marketing staff to complete when a new lead is entered into your system.

We care about your business and want you to make the most of your season and your Business Management Software.





Jessica Chase

Jessica Chase, a knowledgeable Vice President of Client Services at Evosus, expertly manages projects and staff throughout the client lifecycle. Her analytical prowess and strong executive engagement equip her to convey critical information to customers, ensuring the effective execution of company strategy and goals.