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Vendor integrations
Jessica ChaseMar 16, 2016 10:48:17 AM3 min read

Integrating for Success- A Look at Legacy Partner Integrations

Do you remember a time when you'd receive a catalog in the mail and if you wanted to order something, you'd mail in an order form with a check or call an 800 number? I do.  But it's just a memory.  Today, I can log into my Amazon account, place an order and receive almost anything in two business days. In fact, I do it all the time. And I love it. What does this have to do with Evosus integrations?

It's about technology and a changing world. The internet is changing the way we live and work on a daily basis and the pool industry is no longer an exception.  There are some legitimate concerns about how the internet is changing the way we interact with each other socially - there's no denying that.  But I am here to tell you that it's not all bad in the business world.

Thanks to the internet and technology such as "web services" and "APIs," Evosus is able to partner with key players in the industry to offer any of our clients, regardless of size, access to integrations that are permanently changing the way we do business - for the better. What do these integrations look like and what do they mean for your business?  A lot.

For example, let's look at a simple purchase order integration.  A purchase order integration allows you to bypass faxing or emailing an order - or even better, needing to log into an online account to re-enter a purchase order you already put into Evosus.  No more double entry - effectively, Evosus and your supplier just cut purchase order entry time in half.  An integration that eliminates dual entry also reduces costly, and timely, data entry errors since your supplier also doesn't need to hand enter your order into their system.

The integrations don't stop there.  Here's a list of the most common integrations Evosus offers:

Inventory & Pricing Integrations:

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and countless hours of data entry!  Our inventory and pricing integration features help you streamline operations and gain a competitive advantage through real-time access to key pricing and purchase information. 

  • Import New Inventory Items
  • Update Cost on Existing Inventory Items & Identify Discontinued Items
  • Submit Purchase Orders & Identify Backordered Items
  • Download AP Invoices & Reconcile Line Items to Invoices
  • Search Real-Time Item Availability at the Vendor

Who do we integrate with for New Inventory and Pricing Integrations?  Our partners include:

SCP & Superior, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, Carecraft, United Aqua Group and Horizon Pool and Spa Parts with more partners joining the team all the time!


Water Testing Integrations

How time consuming is it to manage two customer databases - one in your water testing software and then in Evosus?  Not only is it time consuming for you, but often times the customer must wait while your staff enters their information in for a second time.  Our water testing integrations take care of that by entering customers into both systems automatically. The water testing integrations don't stop there - most of them also import water tests to Evosus, have water test sales conversion reporting, place recent water testing customers in a POS queue for you and more.

Who do we integrate with for Water Testing?

Alex Millennium by BioGuard, ClearCare by Arch Chemicals (Lonza), Datamate by LaMotte and PoolCorp Water Analysis Software. 


We are passionate about integrations because we are committed to our customers and the industries we serve.  We want to see our customers succeed and value your time - we'd like to see you spend more of it building and growing your business rather than managing software and purchasing systems.  We have come to see our partnerships in the industry grow and we continue to look for new ways to make our shared dealers more efficient and more profitable.




Jessica Chase

Jessica Chase, a knowledgeable Vice President of Client Services at Evosus, expertly manages projects and staff throughout the client lifecycle. Her analytical prowess and strong executive engagement equip her to convey critical information to customers, ensuring the effective execution of company strategy and goals.