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Person checking out at a Pool and Hot Tub retail counter
Steve RuscignoMay 10, 2023 2:00:02 PM< 1 min read

LOU Live with Shawn Evans from A-TEX Hot Tubs and Pools

If your Saturday mornings are anything like I remember, your retail counter is very busy this time of the year. That's why we created LOU POS 2.0 - to help you check customers out in seconds.

Please join me and Shawn Evans from A-Tex Hot Tubs & Pools, for a live demonstration of LOU Retail POS 2.0. We'll cover:

  • Speed at the register
  • Split pay with a cash + card transaction
  • Best practices that A-TEX uses during the busy spring season

Watch last months webinar to find out how to Win the Retail Race!  - with guest speaker Grant Helwig, one of our developers for LOU Retail POS 2.0.

Want more LOU? Join one of our upcoming webinars or request a demo.


Steve Ruscigno

As Evosus' Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Ruscigno brings a wealth of sales, marketing, and business development knowledge. His expertise in driving growth and revenue enables him to share valuable perspectives on industry challenges and opportunities.