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A shop clerk helping a customer while using Evosus Software.
Jeni HarringtonMar 6, 2017 1:09:00 PM2 min read

How Evosus Software is Scary Good: Part 3, Dynamic Kits & Sales Promotions

Part 3: Evosus Dynamic Kits & Sales Promotions Scare Up More Revenue 

 Imagine for a second, your best salesperson. Most likely they have three main attributes that make them stand out:

  1. They know the product.
  2. They know the right questions to ask to ensure each customer buys what they need.
  3. They know your business and what inventory needs to move.

Trying to get all salespeople at that same level can be time consuming and often gets pushed further and further downthe ‘To Do’ list over time. 

The good news is, there is a great alternative to minimize some of that burden while still creating an effective way to increase revenue at the register. With a small time commitment, you can ensure all your salespeople are prompted to ask the right questions at the right time depending on the product being sold. Welcome to the power of Evosus Software.

Evosus Software offers a feature called Dynamic Kits. They function as a key sales aid turning every salesperson into a knowledgeable assistant with upsell capabilities.  A Dynamic Kit is a series of on-screen questions your salesperson asks the customer at the time of the sale that ensures all necessary items in a kit are sold to the customer but also ensures any upsell opportunities are offered to the customer . A good sales rep learns these over time and with much training, but with Evosus Software, it becomes intuitive for new or less experienced sales members on your team—even seasonal staff.

According to Alex Soubliere, Owner of Friendly Fires, Inc., Evosus Dynamic Kits has helped him increase sales and productivity of his staff. Here’s what Alex had to say, “Before going live with Evosus, I felt like I never had enough time. I had to be involved with practically every sale to ensure it was written correctly. With Evosus Dynamic Kits, I know my employees are selling exactly what the customer needs and asking the important questions at every sale. Evosus allows me to spend more time focused on growing my business rather than simply maintaining it.  Evosus is worth every penny. In fact, I was going over our numbers and noticed that our productivity per same headcount has increased almost 30%. I have to attribute a lot of that to the Evosus features.”

See what other clients have to say about Evosus Software

The second attribute to add to your business to boost sales and create a productive staff is the ability to implement and track sales promotions.  Taking a single product on the shelf and putting it on sale simply isn’t enough. Your inventory overall needs to constantly be moving year-round whether it is a high demand product you want to ensure stays available at the right price point, or you want to move and eliminate stagnant  product.

The best way to do both these things is with Evosus Sales Promotions which allows you to designate specific products on sale, for a specific time frame, and at the right price.  There’s nothing worse than out pricing competitive products on your shelf to where you keep some inventory longer than necessary, or charging a discounted price long after the sale has ended—giving away unnecessary discounts in a higher buying season.

Sales promotions are a great way to scare up new business or new sales in slow times of the year and even out your annual revenue or sales cycles.  To learn more about Evosus Software including the Dynamic Kits and Sales Promotions features, shoot us an email at sales@evosus.com.



Jeni Harrington

Jeni Harrington