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Go Big and Go Home with Big Ticket Sales... LOU being used to create a dynamic kit for a billiards table
Steve RuscignoJun 7, 2023 11:53:33 AM< 1 min read

Go Big & Go Home With Big Ticket Sales


Whether you are behind the counter, on the phone, or in your clients backyard LOU makes the Big Ticket Sales process seamless from anywhere. Discover how to optimize your big ticket sales process and increase revenue with:

  • Static kits for above ground pools
  • Special order Items for billiards
  • Dynamic kits for hot tubs
  • Custom ring builds for jewelry

Watch last months webinar with Shawn Evans from A-Tex Hot Tubs and Pools and discover best practices for any retail counter.

Want more LOU? Join one of our upcoming webinars or request a demo.


Steve Ruscigno

As Evosus' Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Ruscigno brings a wealth of sales, marketing, and business development knowledge. His expertise in driving growth and revenue enables him to share valuable perspectives on industry challenges and opportunities.