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LOU® is Different - and that’s a very good thing.

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Evosus LOU

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Who use our software to manage their business every day.



Nick DayGohlke Pools

In 2004, we began searching for new software to replace the outdated POS software we were using. We tried looking at everything out at the time, but were having a hard time finding one that matched what we were looking for. We wanted a software program that could grow with our business. 

Finally we found Evosus. Evosus was a young software program at the time, but we could see its potential. We talked to many different members of the Evosus team and really got a feel for where the software was headed. We also knew that it would be a sizeable investment, not only in the software, but in new hardware and time. After much debate, we decided to make that investment. Five years later we appreciate how great of an investment we made. We use Evosus in every aspect of our business from retail and service to new pool construction and renovations. Evosus allowed us to grow and centralize all areas of our business without being held back by a software program that was not designed to evolve with our company."

Jason M. MillerSpring Dance Hot Tubs, Inc.

Evosus has completely revolutionized and streamlined our business practices.  Prior to Evosus, we had multiple databases that required double or triplicate entry.  Now it’s all in ONE place. 

The money invested in purchasing Evosus was well worth it since business is now done more quickly and efficiently.  While the program is perfect for us, the support Evosus has provided over the past few years has been one of the biggest advantages to using the system.  Not only do they respond quickly, but they are constantly coming out with great new features to help us do business more efficiently.  Everyone has been so great to work with and we feel our suggestions and opinions are valued.  I can’t thank everyone enough for what a joy they are to work with."

LOU® was built for:


The swimming pool, hot tub & hearth industries and any specialty retailer  looking for a simple, elegant POS solution.

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Field technicians and service managers stay in sync. Routing, scheduling, digital door hangers and more

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MULTI-SITE INVENTORY Real-time access to inventory availability across all of your stores, warehouses, vehicles and stock sites. Learn More
REPORTING Robust reports for every aspect of your business, so you can perform your own analytics tailored to your business.  
FINANCIALS Your business's finances are all in one place and right at your fingertips!  
COMPANION APPS Enhance your business software experience, simplify task management and utilize on the go functionality.  

LOU® is Different - and that’s a very good thing.

LOU Onboarding

Live on LOU in as little as 30 Days

  • 30 day onboarding with a LOU onboarding specialistBusiness
  • Review - ensures your office is set up properly
  • Weekly call keeps your go-live on trackSingle point of contact until you’re live
  • Requires your involvement and an assigned “LOU champion” from your team.


Headed to Aruba for winter? Dial back to 1 license & save.



LOU is an all-in-one platform to run your entire business spanning Retail, POS-Service, inventory and more.



We took the key learnings from our first 500 clients that run $2 Billion per year through our Legacy product, and built LOU to scale with your business.


Find out how Evosus Software was specifically built for your industry

pool retail store checkout
LOU forPool & Hot Tub

From creating and tracking Estimates and Work Orders to chemical and equipment tracking, we'll help you get rid of the paper, streamline across multiple locations, and grow.

LOU forHearth

Complete complex fireplace orders quickly with Static Kits, schedule installers, and sweeps. Get 100% visibility to inventory across all vehicles and locations.



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