Evosus Card Services - Now Accepting EMV Chip Technology, Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™

Integrated Payment Processing with EMV Chip Technology

Evosus has partnered with OpenEdge to offer fully-integrated card processing that provides you with EMV Chip technology, reduced merchant processing fees, superior customer service, advanced credit card security, and increased efficiency. Our partnership with OpenEdge allows you to maximize your time by never having to create double entries, mitigate human error through automated processes, and have access to exceptional tech support and competitive rates.

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Card Services Features



  • EMV Chip Technology
  • Accept Digital Wallet Payments including Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™
  • Qualify More Transactions at the Best Rates
  • Visibility and Control Over Credit Card Activity
  • Fast Account Approval and Setup
  • Secure & Encrypted Credit Card Storage
  • PADSS Software Compliance
  • Superior Customer Service

“It works so seamlessly with our existing software that there was no learning curve in processing sales.”

-- Nick Day, Gohlke Pools


What does EMV stand for?

EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa. These three companies developed the standard for chip credit and debit card technology. NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

What is Dipping and Tapping?


Chip cards have encryption built right into the card. Inserting the card into the card reader terminal (this is called dipping), and the computer chip inside the credit card communicates with the card reader. This communication is encrypted, which is why the transaction takes a little longer to authorize than an old magnetic stripe credit card.

Most chip cards also have a magnetic stripe on the back. The magnetic strip is less secure and still included on cards to provide backward compatibility with non-EMV card terminals. Once upgraded to Evosus Card Services your new card terminals will no longer allow credit transactions with the magnetic strip. 



NFC, or near field communication, allows credit cards, and

smartphones to communicate with a card reader/payment terminal when they are in close proximity.

An NFC credit card is equipped with an RFID chip (radio frequency identification chip). Hold the credit card near the card reader terminal (this is called tapping), and the credit card communicates wirelessly with the card reader.

NFC also includes mobile device payments like Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, and Samsung Pay™. More and more people are paying for things using mobile payments.

What does this mean to your business?

  • You need new card reader terminals that accept EMV and NFC credit cards - With new card reader terminals, you can accept more secure forms of payment. This protects both you and your customers. Evosus Software clients using the OpenEdge payment integration partner must purchase or lease the card reader terminals through OpenEdge, because specific encryption software must be installed on each card reader terminal. These new card reader terminals are set up by OpenEdge during the upgrade process.


  • You can accept contactless (tap) payments using Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™


  • You do not store credit card information in your database - When Evosus Software clients put a card on file after the upgrade, the customer's credit card information is sent to OpenEdge. OpenEdge validates and saves the credit card information, and returns a token that is saved on your database. This token is used instead of the credit card information when a transaction is processed. Since OpenEdge stores the customer's credit card information, the liability of fraudulent transactions shift from you to OpenEdge. As part of the upgrade process, all existing card on file information is tokenized.


  • Update your Evosus Software version - Setting up Evosus Card Services is part of the upgrade process. See Evosus Card Services - Setup for detailed information about upgrading to version 6.5 and setting up this feature.


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