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Shawna MesherJan 10, 2024 1:57:58 PM< 1 min read

Manage Bulk Inventory Purchases

Staying ahead of your inventory planning is crucial. Whether you consider yourself a small business or an enterprise, pre-buying can help you manage rising costs. In the pool & patio furniture industries it is common practice to bulk-buy inventory for the coming year. How can LOU help with this?

  • Maximize profits & optimize cash flow - No more last minute rush orders! Waiting always costs more. Have you ever tried to buy an AC in the middle of summer?

  • Meet customer demand - Know your numbers by pulling LOU reports to ensure you have enough product to get you through the rush.

  • Save administration time - It is a full time job managing inventory without the right software. Get the planning done in your off season so you can take care of the customer when it matters.

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