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June 2018 Blog
Leah WilliamsonJun 4, 2018 9:53:20 AM1 min read

Evosus provides All-In-One software that Helps Friendly Fires Achieve 10x Profit


Back in the early 2000s, the hearth industry was operating under legacy architecture – paper orders and manual inventory books. Operations were not running efficiently, sales and marketing were very difficult to track, and success was difficult to replicate.

Alex Soubliere, co-owner, Friendly Fires was dedicated to finding a new, innovative technology approach to growing his small hearth business in Canada. After extensive market research and trial and error, Alex realized that generic back-office, sales and marketing software solutions from major providers weren’t suited for the specialized needs of the hearth industry, were far from interoperable, weren’t user friendly, and actually caused more operational headaches for his company and its employees.


Alex discovered Evosus in 2006 and quickly learned why it is considered the leading business software solution built specifically for the pool, spa and hearth industries. Alex took advantage of Evosus’ unique all-in-one software approach that integrates point of sale, multi-site inventory, marketing, service and construction.

Evosus not only provided a specialized software solution that optimized all facets of the Friendly Fires business, but a user-friendly interface that was easily used and adopted by clients, customers and employees – from non-technical back office staff to developers.

Results with Evosus:

  • Since 2006, Friendly Fires has grown nearly 4x in topline revenue
  • Now generating $75K more in revenue per employee vs. prior to Evosus
  • New ‘green’ sales employees (no background in hearth) are achieving +15% sales growth year-over-year
  • Friendly Fires Named 2015 Hearth Retailer of the Year by Hearth Patio & BBQ Association (HPBA)
  • Friendly Fires has grown from 1 store to 5 stores located across Ontario, Canada
  • Friendly Fires believes in Evosus so much, the company consults with other hearth businesses and shares how Evosus can help optimize their business.
Prior to Evosus, we were a paper-based company that used an accounting software package. Our internal processes were very manual and we constantly felt we were operating in a state of chaos or emergency. With the implementation of Evosus, we’ve been able to automate business in ways we never thought possible. Not only have stacks of paper been eliminated from our showrooms, but everyone functions in a more processed and calm workplace. We can’t say enough about the power of Evosus on our team, customers and our bottom line.

— Alex Soubliere


Leah Williamson

As Evosus' Vice President of Client Success, Leah Williamson employs her strategic expertise and extensive experience to address business challenges. With a background in accounting and business management, she effectively streamlines operations and staff performance for organizational success.