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LOU Features

  • A location pin
    Retail/Point of Sale Software
  • A spanner and screwdriver to show how you can assign labor or repair work via work orders.
    Assign Labor or Repair Work via Work Order
  • A clipboard to show tracking equipment.
    Track Equipment
  • 2 Pins to show managing multiple locations easily.
    Easily Manage Multiple Locations
  • Easy find or view stock with Evosus LOU
    100% Inventory Visibility Across All Stock Sites
  • Optimize routes for multiple crews
    Optimize Routes for Multiple Crews
  • A dollar sign to show how you can integrate for financial reporting.
    Integrates with QBO for Financial Reporting
  • LOU is an all-cloud, no servers software.
    All Cloud. No Servers.

Join over 500 businesses that use our software to
manage their business every day

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