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Watkins Wellness is integrated with Evosus® Software


Update Inventory and Pricing in Seconds

Watkins Wellness™ is the global hot tub leader and has built more than one million hot tubs. Their brands include Hot Springs, Caldera Spas, Freeflow Spas, Fantasy Spas and Endless Pools. Their integration with Evosus Software includes:

  • Inventory Updates - No more hard copy price lists! You can now automatically import inventory items from each of their brands in just a few clicks.
  • Price Updates - Ensure your pricing and margins are accurate, every time their brands publish a pricing update.


The Evosus / Watkins Manufacturing integration is available at no cost to Evosus Enterprise clients at this time.  Future enhancements such as adding digital purchase orders may be subject to a fee of $19 per month.  Clients can turn the integration on or off at any time within Evosus Enterprise software.

Set-up Instructions

  1. Open the Watkins Manufacturing Integration Setup screen (Administration > Industry Integrations > General Setup > Watkins Manufacturing).
  2. Check the Enable Watkins Manufacturing Integration box.
  3. Access User Name, Access Password - These are available from Watkins Manufacturing.
  4. Matching Evosus Vendor - Select the Watkins Manufacturing vendor record that you have set up in Evosus.
  5. Click Test Communications with Watkins.
    • What if the test is unsuccessful?
      • Verify that the Access User Name, and Access Password is correct.
      • Verify that you have an internet connection.
      • If everything checks out, you should contact Watkins Manufacturing to verify that your connection information is correct.
  6. Click OK when complete.
  7. Now that the integration, you can use it to do the following:
    • Import New Inventory
    • Update Cost on Existing Inventory

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