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Business Process Guide

Pool & Hot Tub

Business Process Guide

Where the money is made.

Your business is growing, with new customers appearing on a consistent basis. But while it can be tempting to focus on shiny new acquisitions, statistics show that repeat customers are of greater value to your business in the long run. 

Put simply, such customers are where the money is made. That makes recurring orders critical to your continued operations.

Let’s dive into how LOU® simplifies the scheduling, work orders, and payment processing associated with your most valuable bracket of customers.


Creating an Order

Creating an Order, Simplified

There’s a myth about a man forced to roll a rock up the same mountain over and over again as payback from the gods. The story is remembered because it illustrates a timeless truth: pointless repetition feels like punishment.

Filling out work orders, assigning and scheduling fieldwork, charging customers cards. If how you did it the first time is how you will do it every time thereafter, why should the subsequent orders take up the same amount of time and energy as the first?

With LOU®, they don’t.

That’s the beauty of a system whose every aspect is in perfect communication, and whose database updates in real-time.

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Spreadsheets, Calendars, and Phone Calls, oh my!

Even if your company has evolved past pens, forms on a clipboard, a calendar covered in sticky notes, and filing cabinets jammed with manila folders, chances are your work orders still require the coordination of a few disparate programs. A Google Drive where all of your spreadsheets and calendars reside.

Even then, you’re filling out the same information in multiple, different locations.

The man rolling of the rock up the mountain again and again.

And if there is any breakdown in communication between documents, employees, or customers, the results could be disastrous:

  • Missed appointments.
  • Missed payments.
  • Service personnel unable to find the address where the assignment is taking place.

With LOU, all of that information is in a singular database, right at your fingertips, with scheduling and customer information updating across-the-board for you, and your employees.

It’s as simple as clicking...   Create a Recurring Order


Create a Recurring Order

Like all of LOU’s forms, you are presented with a clean simple interface. 

No need to fill out name, address, and contact info if the customer is already in your database. Typing in but a few letters of their name quickly pulls up the already-populated forms of the client-in-question.

To see LOU in action, check out this quick video: 



Let’s say you want to schedule a monthly pool-cleaning. It’s as easy as...

  • Select the months you want the task to occur. 
  • A simple drop-down allows your order to automatically repeat at the specified time each month.
    • Scheduling begins the following month.
    • Schedule repeats for the duration of the recurring order.
  • Based on the criteria you define when setting up your recurring order:
    • LOU automatically creates Scheduled Tasks.
    • Automatically orders the supplies you need to complete the task (such as chemicals for the pool).
    • Supplies will be shipped to the customer’s home and waiting for your service personnel upon arrival.

Customer Pre-Pay

With LOU, customers can pre-pay for all of these services.

That’s convenient for both them and your service personnel, who can spend less time coordinating meetings, rummaging for credit cards, checks and card-readers. Your customer can get back to their day, and your service technician can accomplish their tasks that much faster.


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Service Routes

LOU’s got your back when rain, sleet, or snow prevents a technician from getting on-site or performing a task. Shifting tasks to another day is simple, and won’t mess up your established routines. And because all of LOU’s resources are in perfect communication, you won’t need to worry about changing billing, location, or pinging a customer.

Filling work orders is a breeze as well--with addresses likewise pre-populating and the benefit of customers paying before your techs arrive.

The world of business is filled with repetition, but with LOU, you can be confident the paperwork is handled and the calendar is always accurate.

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