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Business Process Guide

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Business Process Guide

Everything You Need to Simplify, Streamline and Grow Your Business

If you are a retailer, a service company or you need to track inventory across multiple locations, this guide is for you. By following these best practices, and through the use of LOU business software, our goal is to help you better manage your business in the following ways:

Grow Sales - Whether you want to be a $10 Million, $100 Million or Billion Dollar company, you simply must have all of your customer information in 1 centralized database. This allows you to provide a better customer experience, gives you the confidence to know that you’re working with the latest information, and helps you identify new sales opportunities to grow your revenue.

Improve Cash Flow - A retail / service company we work with freed up $1 Million in cash by following the procedures in this guide. Bottom line: Inventory management is crucial to cash flow. By always knowing what’s in stock, what’s on order, making adjustments for seasonal fluctuations and knowing what your breakage (lost items) is - you’ll be able to free up your cash, and invest in growing your business.

Increase Profit - By removing double data entry, and eliminating the (expensive) time it takes to manually work through hundreds of operational procedures, you can save a ton of money. This drops to your bottom line in the form of profit. And the bottom line truly is the bottom line!

How do we do all of this?  By providing hundreds of best practices along the way.
Read on, good friend.



If you’ve heard of The Circle of Life, then you’re going to love The Circle of LOU.  It provides you with an end-to-end process that literally feeds itself, and helps you grow.

Each section of The Circle of LOU is covered in a chapter in this guide.

Here’s the outline of what’s included:

CHAPTER 1:  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The experience that customers have with your business is key to your success! We’ll walk you through the basics of adding a new customer, keeping a clean customer database, customer communication (email, text, postal) as well as advanced topics such as parent / child relationships, which is a great feature for managing resorts & commercial accounts. We’ll even show how you can keep a secure payment on file, and use it to drive more sales.

CHAPTER 2:  Sales & Delivery - coming soon

Let’s sell some products and get them delivered! We’ll start by creating an Estimate for a large ticket item, collect a Deposit, promote it to a Sales order, then Invoice and Delivery. Then we’ll pick up the pace by ringing up some cash-and-carry transactions at Point of Sale. Along the way, you’ll see modern features such as digital signature collection (no paper required!) and the best point of sale hardware available on the market.

CHAPTER 3:  Work Order Management - coming soon

CHAPTER 4:  Recurring Service Management

CHAPTER 5:  Service Personnel in the Field - coming soon

CHAPTER 6:  Integrated Payment Processing - coming soon

CHAPTER 7:  Inventory Management - coming soon

CHAPTER 8:  Accounts Receivable - coming soon

CHAPTER 9:  Reporting - coming soon

CHAPTER 10:  Happy Clients Mean Good Referrals - coming soon

Glossary of LOU Terms - coming soon

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