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Pool & Spa Card Processing

Make a splash

Keep your overhead costs low and profits high with a personalized merchant account.

Continue selling the latest swim spa model, installing new liners, servicing your clients pools & spas, and more. Let Evosus® make sure you get the most profit on the revenue you're earning!

For over 18 years, Evosus Software has provided the pool and spa industry with fully integrated software specifically designed to meet the unique challenges pool and spa builders, retailers, and service professionals face. With this experience in mind, we provide merchant card processing services designed for pool industry professionals while keeping rates low and business booming — no matter the size or scope of your business.

Why your business needs Evosus Financial Services
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Payments in the Field 

Your techs are in the field repairing broken pumps, heaters, cleaning green pools etc. We know it's important to take payments anytime, anywhere. That's why we offer mobile payments with no delays or holdups, so your business can keep moving.

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Dedicated Team

Do you hate phone trees? So do we. Which is why we keep our staff small, personable, and always ready to pick up the phone when you give them a call.

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Low Rates

We ensure that all of our clients get the lowest rates their industry has to offer. How? We get to know your specific business and can provide suggestions on improving payment processes to minimize unnecessary fees and charges.

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Is your business seasonal? Not a problem. We can turn off your merchant account during periods when your business is not active -- freezing your billing and saving you money.

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Mass Payment Processing

Does your business manage recurring maintenance contracts? We can automate and streamline your recurring billing cycle, allowing you to save time and focus on what matters.

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No Fund Holds

With the pool and spa industry, large deposits can mean long fund holds from merchant service providers. With EFS, this isn't an issue.

A payment processor that knows your industry

inside and out.

From the very beginning, Evosus has provided the tools to help pool and spa businesses succeed. We know the pool and spa industry inside and out. You'll see Evosus at the trade shows, articles in the industry magazines, etc. We immerse ourselves in this industry to ensure we provide the best solutions to common industry problems.  Evosus is best business practice.

Take your business to New Horizons

Pool and spa businesses face significant issues with recurring maintenance contracts, ordering parts, large ticket sizes, and more, which is why we offer payment solutions that include features like:

  • EMV Chip Ready
  • E-commerce processing
  • Mobile payments
  • Accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, and NFC payments
  • Compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Mail order/telephone order (MOTO) processing

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