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WB01: Product Lines, Chart of Accounts, Interests

Find out why your Chart of Accounts, Product Lines and Marketing Interests should be aligned – even if you’re not planning on using Marketing right away. Decide how detailed your Chart of Accounts should be, determine Product Line set up; connect your Product Lines to your Chart of Accounts and Marketing Interests, and know when you should schedule a CPA consultation.



WB02: Stock Sites and Inventory Movement

Review Stock Sites and Distribution Methods, and how these components of Evosus help you automate stock movement using Store Stock Site Relationships. “Order By” and “Sell By” Units of Measure will be discussed, as well as planning for a Physical Count to get your beginning inventory quantities into Evosus.



WB04: Service and Delivery

Efficiently manage your Service and Delivery tasks in Evosus by setting up your Categories, Types, and Requests based on your business processes. Utilize the Tech Skills Matrix, Schedule Rules, and Routing features to propel your scheduling proficiency to a whole new level!



Year End Review Webinars

Beth McGarry, our Accounting Consultant, brings over 20 years of Accounting experience to Evosus Enterprise.  She is the perfect fit to help you get ahead of Year End, as much of her background stems from working in her own family manufacturing business.  Beth has a deep appreciation for the financial health of your business, and she is looking forward to helping you get ready for 2017 Tax Reporting.



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