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Crik-IT is Integrated with Evosus® Software


Update Inventory and Pricing in Seconds

Crik-Link for Evosus® offers dealers instantaneous remote access to critical product information and sales reports.

Their integration with Evosus includes:

  • Inventory Updates - You can now automatically import inventory items and parts from each of their brands in just a few clicks.
  • Price Updates - Ensure your pricing and margins are accurate, every time their brands publish a pricing update.


Crik-Link for Evosus costs $95 per year paid to Crik-IT. 

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The Crik-Link integration within Evosus Software is provided at no charge throughout 2018. In 2019, dealers who continue using the integration will be charged a $19 a month, per dealer fee. Dealers can turn the integration on or off at any time within Evosus Software.

Set-up Instructions

  1. Open the Crik-IT Integration Setup screen (Administration > Industry Integrations > General Setup > Crik-IT).
  2. Check the Enable Crik-IT Integration box.
  3. Enter Your Dealer Number and Crik-Link password - This information will be provided from Crik-IT once you sign up for the Crik-Link for Evosus service.
  4. Click Test Communications with Crik-IT.
    • What if the test is unsuccessful?
      • Verify that the dealer number and password is correct.
      • Verify that you have an internet connection.
      • If everything checks out, you should contact Crik-IT to verify that your connection information is correct.
  5. Click OK when complete.
  6. Now that the integration, you can use it to do the following:
    • Import New Inventory
    • Update Cost on Existing Inventory

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