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Good News!

Cinderella, Inc is now integrated with Evosus® Software.

Update Your Inventory and Pricing in Seconds

Founded in 1955, Cinderella is one of the Midwest's largest distributors to the pool and spa industry. They provide over 250,000 products from 200 vendors. Integrating their inventory with Evosus Software will provide the following benefits to Dealers:

  • Inventory Updates - No more hard copy price lists! You can now automatically import inventory items from Cinderella to Evosus Legacy Software with just a few clicks.
  • Price Updates - Ensure your pricing and margins are accurate, every time Cinderella publishes a pricing update.
  • Purchase Orders - Submit PO's immediately via digital purchase orders that go directly to Cinderella!


This integration is available to Dealers using the latest version of Evosus Software for FREE until 12/31/18. After that date, a $19 per month charge will apply. 

Set-up Instructions

  1. Go to your Administration Tab in Evosus
  2. Click - Industry Integrations > General Setup > Cinderella Inc
  3. Enable Cinderella Integration - Check this box to enable the fields on the screen.
  4. Customer Key - Contact Cinderella, Inc. if you don't know your customer key.
  5. Matching Evosus Vendor For Cinderella - Select the vendor that you set up for Cinderella. See Add New Vendor for information on creating a new vendor.
  6. Click Test Communication with Cinderella to verify the customer key is correct.
  7. Click OK when complete.
    (Don't forget to set up security permissions on the integration! See Security Permission Explanations - Industy Integrations for information on the Industry Integrations permissions.)

Now that the set up is complete, you can use the integration to perform the following actions:
  • Mass import of new inventory items
  • Mass update cost on existing inventory items
  • Electronically submit POs from Evosus to Cinderella, Inc.


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