The Power of Total Integration

We understand the power of total integration which is why we’ve partnered with key vendors to offer streamlined integrations for your business. Our integrations help you gain a competitive advantage by providing superior customer service through real-time access to key information, reduced costs by eliminating duplicate entry, the ability to make strategic business decisions with sales and purchasing information and ultimately sell more product. 

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Our Integration Partners:

Our partners' commitment to utilize technology for the benefit of dealers has allowed Evosus to create streamlined integration services for our shared clients. 

  • SCP & Superior
  • Horizon Spa & Pool Parts
  • Watkins Manufacturing Corporation
  • Carecraft, Inc.
  • United Aqua Group
  • Alex Millennium by BioGuard
  • ClearCare Expert by Arch Chemicals
  • Datamate by LaMotte

Inventory Integration Features:

  • Import New Inventory Items
  • Update Cost on Existing Items
  • Mark Items as Discontinued
  • Submit Purchase Orders
  • Identify Items on Backorder
  • Download AP Invoices
  • Reconcile Items on Vendor Invoices
  • View Item Availability at Supplier

Water Testing Integration Features:

  • Automatically Sync Customers & Notes Between Databases
  • Search Water Test History in Evosus
  • Quickly Search Water Test Customers in Evosus POS
  • Run Water Test Purchase Analysis Reports

“The industry integration is working great for us. I love not having to duplicate my order in Evosus and then fill out a purchase order on the vendor’s system. It saves us time!”

-- Bobbi Howard, MEH Pool Services, Inc. 


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