Our Team

Experienced Team Members Who Care About Your Business

We made it a top priority to hire great-minded business people and individuals with multiple years of direct experience in the pool & spa and hearth products industries. This approach has enabled us to stay focused on developing our core products to meet the needs of our clients and the industries we serve. 

When you work with our team, you develop lasting relationships with people that truly care about your business.  We are committed to your success and look forward to helping you implement Evosus to take your business to the next level!

Executive Team

From the beginning, the Executive Team at Evosus has been made up of experienced and proven business leaders. They work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow and succeed at all levels of the organization.  Their active participation in day-to-day operations at Evosus has helped make us a leading provider of world-class business management software.  

Our Executive Team Members

(Top - from left to right)

Dan McManus, President & CEO

Curt Germundson, VP of Finance, CPA

(Bottom - from left to right)

David Weisong, VP of Software Development

Leah Williamson, Senior Account Manager




Client Services Team

Our Client Services Team includes every customer-facing department at Evosus:  implementation, support, training, data conversion and payroll. Every team member is committed to providing exceptional support to Evosus clients around the world.  

This talented group is responsible for responding to client requests, providing tips and best practices on how to setup and use Evosus in a real-world environment and identify the right solutions for your business.  They are committed to your success and go out of their way to understand your business and build relationships that last a lifetime.  

Development Team

Our Development Team is responsible for creating innovative and relevant products that surpass client expectations from start to finish.  

We've hired some of the best software engineers in the business to not only develop incredible new features for Evosus Business Management Software, but look to the future and create products that will drive the success of client businesses and help them maintain a competitive edge in today's market. 

Sales & Marketing Team

Our Sales Team is the face of our company and the folks you are most likely to see at industry events around the world.  They are industry veterans and software enthusiasts that love to help owners find the best software solution for their business.  

Our Marketing Team supports the sales team by providing tradeshow logistical support along with managing our social media interactions and brand presence in the industry.  While we don't get out of the office as much, we love to meet our clients and hear how Evosus has changed their business for the better.  

Everyone has been so great to work with and we feel our suggestions and opinions are valued.  I can’t thank everyone enough for what a joy they are to work with.

-- Rebekah Decker, Spring Dance Hot Tubs


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